Some nice Showresults from past weekend;


Helsinki, Nordic Winner 2009 Kiti
won Junior class and got Nordic Junior Winner 2009 title :)! And in Champion Class Mona got only her second G in her show career ;).
Under judge Paul Stanton from Sweden.


Helsinki, Finnish Winner 2009
In Junior class Kiti placed second and in Champion class Mona got also EXC, but didn't placed,
under judge Jarmo Vuorinen (Scheik's) from Finland.

But overall we are very, very happy with the results :)!


BOB-puppy Mimi Chill's Panther's Daydream & BOS Silentkaze Endlessentertainment


Showresults from Turku INT 29.11.2009;

In puppy Class Oliver placed in third and Darwin were Best Male puppy and finally BOB-puppy. Huge concratulations to Riikka and Darwin :)! In female puppies Muru placed in the second place. In Junior Class Kiti was fourth with VG. And in Champion Class Mona placed also fourth with Excellent under Jugde Noreen Harris from Australia.

eNew pictures from Oliver and Darwin



New pictures from Eddiee

Puppies page



New pictures from Murue

Puppies page



New pictures from Kiti , Vili , Oliver and Willy



New picture from Kurro



New pictures from Mona and Papu



Today Oliver was here to celebrating Miisa's 3-years-birthay with Johanna and other relatives, so we take some New pictures from Oliver. Also new pics from Muru too, taked week ago.

Also both of our boys, Romeo and Wilson, were in castration earlier on this week, so now they are our official team mascots of Soffa Champions, any way You liked more ;)



Finally some updates.. I have got problems with computers and our new baby-girl Saana (2 months old) is keeping me quite busy at the moment.

New pictures from Kurro, Kiti, Papu, Oliver, Darwin, Willy, Remi, Muru and Säde.

Some Sowresults from past summer:

In Mikkeli INT Kurro from our first litter won males with HP, and finaly ended BOB- puppy. Under jugde Vija Klucniece from Latvia. Congratulations from us to Tarja and Kurro :)!

In Mäntyharju nat Show 8.8.09 Kiti won her class with HP and ended BOS-puppy, under judge Markku Mähönen from Finland. Well done Outi and Kiti :)!!!



Some updates;

All puppies Papu, Oliver, Darwin, Willy, Remi, Muru and Säde have their own pages

Our Whippets page updated

Litters page

Puppies page

About us



>> puppies 7 weeks old

and some Show Results:

In Finnish Whippet Club's Speciality 6.6.09 Kiti placed second in baby puppy class (5 to 7 months olds) with prize of honour, under jugde Kerrie Kuper, USA.

New picture from Kiti


>> puppies 5 weeks old



All puppies are reserved



>> puppies 4 weeks old , with very first stocked photos. Puppies were at very first time on the table, so have fun ;).



BOS Mimi Chill's Icy Arctic Pearl & BOB Pipsqueak Piparminttu Pipsa

Today in a Puppy-show here in Tampere Kurro from our first litter won males with HP, and finaly ended BOS. Under jugde Markku Mähönen from Finland. Huge congratulations from us to Tarja and Kurro :)!

Allso new pictures from Kurro


New pictures from puppies :)

>> puppies 3 weeks old

New picture from Kiti



New pictures from puppies :)

>> puppies 2 weeks old



We have puppies :). More information from here



We are still waiting puppies.. :)

links page updated. We are also making new coat-pages, so sites are under construction for a while..



Mona's belly is coming bigger, and bigger.. ;). You can find some pictures from her from our's weblog.

And finally You can find all puppies from ours first litter; Kurro , Vili, Eddie and Kiti from the Finnish Kennel Clubs database too.



Mona was in ultrasound chek last friday 20.3, and she's in whelp. So we are expecting that puppies will born on the week 17 :).

You can find more information about coming litter from Puppies page



Finally we are back home againg, with whole team. After boys have been with my parents last few weeks, because of Mona's season. You can find some photos from our vocation from our's weblog.

Some updates too

New pictures from Kiti and Kurro



Mona have mated with Robbie 19th and 21st February 2009. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that she's in whelp :).

You can find more information about planned litter

from Puppies page.



All puppies from ours first litter have now left in their new homes. They all; Kurro , Vili, Eddie and Kiti have allso own pages.

Unfortunately things went from bad to worse with Arvo, so unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him. It was only right thing to do. Arvo Dear is deeply missed in our family...

Puppies page updated

Litters page updated



All puppies are reserved



Puppy page updated, puppies 6,5 weeks old



Kuvassa Eddie (ent. Raipe)

Puppy page updated, puppies 5 weeks old, with their official names.



Happy New Year :)!

Puppy page updated, with very first stocked photos - our babies are already 4 weeks old - Have fun.. ;).

From ours puppies Sulo and Ville is available for very good and loving homes :).