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Showresults from Finn Winner 2007, Helsinki 8.12.2007:

In Onpen Class " Wilson " got Good and In Intermediate Class "Mona" got only VeryGood in this time ;). Under Jugge Åge Gjetnes from Norway.

" Helmi " critics from Jyväskylä INT - here



Yesterday we had nice winter-day for a very long time so I taked some pictures from ours daily walk.

You can find New folder " Winter 07-08 " in gallery.


Showresults from Estonia, Sillamäe nat Show 17.11.2007:

"Mona" won Open Class with excellent was Best Bitch#1, got CAC and ended BOB :)!!!!

" Wilson " won Open Class with excellent was Best Male#1, got CAC and he ended BOS !

Under Judge Sergey Galiaskarov from Russia. So we had very nice weekend in Estonia :). Unfortunately we had to leave before group-competitions, but we are very happy with this results :).

Meanwhile in Finland Jyväskylä INT Show 18.11.2007 " Helmi " won the Intermediate Class with excellent under judge Jill Peak from GB. Huge concratulations to Riikka & Helmi :)!!!



Showresults from Russia, Vyborg nat Show 3.11.2007:

" Romeo " won Champion Class with excellent and was Best Male#1, got CAC, BOB and ended BIG-2!! So huge Concratulations for New Russian Champion :)!!!!!

"Mona" won Open Class with excellent was Best Bitch#1, got CAC and ended BOS :)!!!!

Under Judge Valentina Ivanitsekova from Russia

We all are VERY happy with the results :)!


Tuulenviiri "Nemi", the daughter from " Romeo's " second litter, visited us few days ago :). She's sweet little girl with a very good nature... and full of energy :). They loved to play together with Mona. We took some pictures so You can Nemi's 7-moth-picture from here


Few new pictures in " Autumn 2007 " folder and more is coming soon

New pictures from " Romeo " and " Wilson ". We'll try to get some new stacked photos from boys too :).

You can find few New pictures the puppies from Romeo's second litter from here



Today "Mona" was in her second Lure Coursing competiton in Helsinki. She runned really nice and got 227 points. Unfortunately Mona was the first one who didn't go the final, but we are very pleased in her placement 13/28 together with all racing whippets :)! So we are impatiently wainting next summer when she can continue her lure coursing career ;)!!!

Few new pictures in " Autumn 2007 " folder


New picture from " Helmi "

Few new pictures from "Helmi" in her gallery folder.


Show results from Tampere Group Show 9.9.2007:

"Mona" got excellent and placed fourth in Intermediate Class. Under judge Björg Foss from Norway. The Class winner was the daughter of ours " Romeo " from his first litter. From here You can find the new picture from "Nuppu" (Pikkunokan Light My Fire).


Show results from Lagedi, Estonia 1.9.2007:

"Mona" won Open Class with excellent, was BestBitch # 2 and got her first CAC :)!!!!! Under judge Candida Pialorsi Falsina from Italy.


Show results from Tervakoski INT:

In intermediate class " Mona" was second with excellent under judge Ingebjörg Stenhaugen from Norway.

New pictures from " Mona". She's now 1,5 years old.

New folder " Autumn 2007 " in gallery


We have moved, new adress here


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Few new pictures from " Helmi "


We are spending nice Summer vocation, and as You can see Mona is loving big-sister with very good nervers :)

Some updates:

Lot of new pictures in our Gallery

You can find New pictures the puppies from Romeo's second litter from here

" Helmi's " judgement from Hämeenlinna Dog Show


New layout


Monas first season have started. So my boys are now spending summer-holiday in Imatra with my parents next few weeks. Lately Mona have train wery hard with lure in nearly field. She enjoys it a lot and we hope she can take a part competitions this summer...


Hämeenlinna INT 17.6.2007:

" Helmi " won Junior Class with excellent and was finally BestBitch#4!! Under judge Harto Stockmari from Finland.

Kotka INT 16.6.2007:

In intermediate class " Mona" was second with excellent under judge Zjelka Halperi from Kroatian.

Finnish Whippet Speciality at Mustiala 9.6.2007:

" Helmi " got EXC in Junior Class. In Intermediate Class " Mona" placed third with excellent. Bitches were judges by Eva Yacoby (Cobyco), England. " Romeo " got EXC in Champion Class. Males were judged by Kathy Brown (Bluestreak), England


Showresults from 3.6. Tallinn, Estonian Winner 2007 :

" Romeo " was second in champion class with excellent and was BestMale#2 and got res-CACIB! " Helmi " got EXC and placed fourth in Junior Class. " Mona" won Intermediate class with excellent and was finally BestBitch#3!! Under judge Giuliano Biasiolo from Italy.

Pictures are coming soon :).. hopefully.


The last week we were in the countryside and there were unofficial Match Show. So I went to training Wilson in there and in the end " Wilson " was BIS#4 :)!!!

" Mona" got her Lure Coursing liecence! Now we are waiting her official debyt in coursingfields, wich happends properly in July. While we are training ;).

Show results:

Group show in Turenki 12.5

In intermediate class " Mona" was second with very good, under judge Harto Stockmari from Finland.

Rauma nat 20.5

In open class " Wilson " was fourth with exellent. In intermediate class " Mona" was second with very good, under judge Markku Mähönen from Finland.


Showresults from Lahti INT:

" Romeo " won championclass with excellent and was Best Male#3 also. " Helmi " won juniorclass with ecxellent and " Mona" got very good in the same class under Judge Andrew Beare from Ireland.


Sowresults from Vaasa INT 15.4.2007: Romeo got excellent in championclass, in juniorclass Mona got only verygood and Helmi was 3rd with excellent under judge Frances Hickey, Irland


Sowresults from Tampere 25.3. INT Show: Romeo won championclass and was Best Male, got CACIB and ended BOS. Mona won juniorclass with excellent ang finally she was Best Bitch # 4. Helmi was second, after Mona, in junior class with excellent too, and were short listed in Best Bitch Ring. The Judge was Jean Luis Brassat Lapeyriere, from France.

More pictures and judgements are coming soon ;).


Helmi celebrate her first birthday today. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HELMI and her mom too <3!!!!!.

My dear little-big-man Wilson celebrated his birthday yesterday :)! Wilson is already 3 years old.. It's funny how time really flyes.


Mona have now allso "official" meansurement. She is 48,0 cm tall, in official way too. In fact according the person who took the meansurement of Mona he told me that in real Mona is about ~47,5cm, but she was a bit nervous so she "grov up" a little. But anyway we are really happy with this result :)!!!

Show results:

In Lempäälä unofficial Whippet-Show 17.3 :

Wilson won workingdog-class with HP, and was BOS-working dog. He take part too in "best movement-class", but didn't won. Romeo was fourth in champion class with HP too. Mona and Helmi were in huge juniorclass, but they didn't placed. The judge was Berit Lena Gotterud (kennel Siprex), from Norway.

Lithuania, Vilnus 10.-11.3.2007

Romeo were in Lithuania last weekend together with his breeder Salla. There was two INT show in the same weekend and Romeo bring us res-CACIB with lot of new experiences ;).


Romeos second litter have born 1.3.2007 :)! Gentle mother Milla and all eight puppies are going very well.. and the proud father Romeo Concurlates ;)!!!


Ours Dear little rascal Mona celebrated her first birthday on the 8th of February and we were spending holiday in Imatra. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MONA and her sisters TOO <3!!!!!. It's funny how time really flyes.


Happy Birthday to my Dear boy Romeo; He is now 4 Years old :)!


Showresults from Turku INT 27.1.2007: Mona was in juniorclass and got Very Good in this time. The jugde was Per Iversen from Norway. In Monas opinion the judge was very scary, and I didn't seen the reason because He was very charming old man... but Mona will training with the "old-peoples" for her next show in March ;).