Happy New Year 2007!

There are planned puppies sired by ours Romeo. Dam is lovely "Mlla" Täysikuun Tangokuningatar :). here


Showresults from Fin Winner-2006:

Helmi was second in puppy class and got very good judgement and prize of honour :). The judge was Rainer Vuorinen from Finland. Mona got from Eeva Resko (Finland) only "Good" in junior class... better luck in next time ;). Both girls judgements are coming in ours web sites in january.. I forgot it in Espoo ;).


Showresults from Jyväskylä INT:

Romeo got excellent in championclass and placed in second place. Mona was in her first time in junior class, and got excellent and placed allso in second place :). The judge was Christian Vantu from Romania.


Showresults from Seinäjoki INT: Mona was BOB-puppy, and got prize of honour. The jugde was Elisabet Janzon (Wolf Tone) from Sweden. BOS was Monas dear brother Nëo, Taraly Beloved at Whiptails.


Show Results:

Helmi started today her show-career in Lahti group Show. Helmi's acting was really nice and she placed in second place in puppy-class. The judge was Ingela Kyrklund from Sweden.


Showresults from Ulvila puppyshow 30.9.2006 : Mona was BOB-puppy, got prize of honour and was second in group. The jugde was Pekka Teini from Finland.


We have a new family member :). The baby girl birth last saturday ( 2.9 ) at time 11.59 and all we are going fine. The dogs are taking their new role as the "older siblings" very well :).


Show results from Kuopio INT 5.8.2006: Wilson was fourth in Open Class with very good, under judge Åke Cronander from Sweden.

Romeo didn't take a part because of his paw damage.


Yesterday Mona was her very first time in the unofficial show-ring. The show were in Tampere and was " Kuikkais-Mach Show ". Mona got the blue stripe and won the class " big blue puppies " :) !!! In BIS-ring Mona was so tired after playing 5 hours with the other dogs, so she didn' wanted to show anymore and mom didn't want to pressure her :).

Romeo will start tomorrow his new hobby Agility, with the course of the beginners ;). But I think we are only listening in the first lesson because of the Romeo's nasty cut in his paw :/. I'm allso worried about ours plann to go dog show in Kuopio this weekend :/.


Ours dear Romeo have planned to start trainig Agility in the beginnig of August, if tey want to get hi in the trainig-team, so let see :)


Some show results:

In European winner 2006, 9.6.2006, Romeo got excellent in championclass under judge Carla Molinari from Portugali.

In Finnish sighoud club's speciality in Mustiala 2.7.2006 Wilson was fourth in Open Class with excellent, under judge Garry Newton from USA.


Show results from Finnish whippet club's speciality: Wilson was fourth in Open Class with excellent, under judge Kirsten Landsverk from Norway.


Show results from Helsinki INT:
Romeo was second in Champion Class with excellent, was Best Male#2 and got res-CACIB, under judge Rafael de Santiago from Puerto Rico.


She is finally here, welcome to ours team little-Helmi!

Her official name is Pikkunokan Lily Queen
and she is sired by our own Fin&Est Ch Plaudite Rare Arctic Soul, " Romeo". Helmi lives in Hämeenlinna with her new co-owner Riikka and two whippet girls "Nipsu" and "Milla", Good luck to all of You :)!!!!