My pack in August 2018

Linda, Elle the Papillon, Vera, Diva, Mona the Queen, Lumi (häsähäsä) and Manolo Espanjola




Anna with Myy, Mimi Chill's Black Mamba

-Store Manager in Kultajousi

- Member of The Finnish Kennel Club, The Finnish Whippet Club, Finnish Papillon and Phalene Association, Finnish Sighthound Association and Finnsih Dog Breeders Association (SuKoKa). Also member of Finnish Rider Association and Ratsu Karjala.


- Living with Whippets since 2003, first Papillon 2016

- The Finnish Kennel Club's Ring steward, since 2011

- Finnish Sighthound Association's rights to take official meansurement of the dogs, 2013

- Breeder's basic- 2005 and advanced 2013 courses passed

- Rights to make The Finnish Kennel Club's Official indentification, 2015

- MH mental test Officer since 2015

- The Finnish Kennel Club's Judges beginners course, passed 2017

- The Finnish Kennel Club's " Eye for the dog " test, passed 2017




Emmi with Matti, Riveridge Mix N' Match

- Electric Automation Installer

- Member of The Finnish Kennel Club and The Finnish Whippet Club. Also member of Finnish Rider Association


- living with Whippets since 2010, with dogs a lifetime. Has experince from Miniature Pincer, Gordon Setter, Brittish Setter and American Cockerspaniel.

- Breeder's basic course passed 2013

- Finnish Sighthound Association's rights to take official meansurement of the dogs, 2013




The Story of our Kennel; how do we become dog breeders?


First of all, it has been said that "beeing a dog breed" has not been foreseen in any way for us. One thing has only led to another, the other to the third and so on.

Our hobby with dogs has taken us to visit almost 15 different countries, and to meet many interesting people. It has been quite enchanting to get to places we would certainly not have, otherwise missed. Travelling opens up - and I recommend warmly to everyone to lern more about dogs in different cultures.

The kennel name "Mimi Chill's" we have received in 2006, which is derived from my childhood's home cat. My husband was and still is unfortunately allergic to cats, so we have ended up with dogs. Horses are also close to my heart. My childhood I spent in the horse stables, as well as toured the Finnish show jumping activities.

We have started breeding Whippets in 2008. Emmi, our second official breeder, joined in 2013. With Emmi, we have known each other since childhood and we have a history together with horses.

In spite of the relatively short history of our Kennel, we have already faced some different challenges in our breeding work. It is only now that the plan seems to be moving. However, our kennel is still relatively small and home-like.

One of the basic pillars of our Kennel is co-ownership homes of our breeding dogs. The dogs who are living in the well-loved-family of their own, but we have left some breeding rights to uss.

Having the breeding dogs in a co-ownership is a great way to uss, to have variety of breeding material. And in the same time, keeping number of our own dogs in some kind of reasonable level. So every dog can live their life, like every whippet should be live. As a well loved familypet - like they should be. That is the most important thing to me as a breeder.

Hope You enjoy Your visit in our homepages and if You want to know more about my dogs, their pedigrees and my future breeding plans, please don't hesitate to contacting uss!


With Kind Regards

Anna, Emmi and The Dogs


Eddie, Leon, Lumi, Pihla and Pimu







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